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Welcome to Wishbone's!

My name is Jamie McCabe and I'm the owner, walker, and pet-sitter of Wishbone's. I've had over 12 years experience in dog ownership. I've had over 6 years experience as a groomer, I'm Pet CPR and Emergency Pet Care certified,  I am a member and insured by the Pet Sitters and Associates LLC, and I also am a proud volunteer for the Western PA Humane Society. I have been around animals my whole life and I'm just crazy in love with them.  

I wanted to create Wishbone's because of my love for animals and I want to help you care for them when life gets busy, because we all know it does. I offer dog walking and pet sitting services. I have two dogs of my own now, a little Beagle mix named Goon and a little AmericanPit-Bull Terrier named Autumn. With regular exersice I'm keeping them nice, young, healthy and happy. I want to help you keep your fur-kids young and happy for as long as possible! When you leave your house on vacation or for whatever reason, I'd love to visit and care for your pets and make sure they are safe and sound when you can't. 

I give you my promise and my word that I will care for your animals like they were my own. From one animal lover to another. 

My Special Boy, Wishbone.
(In Loving Memory)

Walking through the rows of many happy faces, wagging tails, and curled up pups snoozing, dreaming of a forever home; one young man’s sparkling brown eyes stole my heart, and that was that.

8 years later, Wishbone is still here for me as he always will be. When I’m crying he dries my tears with kisses and nudges my hand laying his head upon my lap in concern. When I’m happy he is right next to me smiling. When we are playing he pounces and prances around with his toys like the big goofball he is, never letting me frown for a minute. When he’s sleepy, he plops right down next to me and cuddles up for some sweet dreams, dreaming of chasing rabbits.

I love Wishbone from his big freckled paws to his black, wet nose. Thank you Wishbone for being my best friend through everything. You’ve watched me grow up and you’ve helped me become a better person, somebody to be proud of. You’re more than a best friend to me; you’re my baby, and my furry soul mate. You’ve left your paw prints all over my heart, Wishbone, and I promise you, they are here to stay.